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"Zlatni Piasaci" AD (Golden Sands) is a private joint stock company.


The management buy-out company "Zlatni" partnered with Thomas Cook AG, and "Agrima"Ltd. into a consortium to purchase 76% of the capital of "Zlatni Piasaci" AD. The property of the privatized company includes 6 hotels, 4 holiday villages, 4 swimming pools, 18 restaurants, shops and shopping centres, sports facilities, additional service buildings, and the resort infrastructure.


The deal was signed on 14 April 2000.


"Zlatni Piasaci" AD provide services and facilities for leisure, focusing on various hotel, dining and entertainment options; the management and maintenance of the resort infrastructure.


The company has 5 subsidiary firms which take care of the energy management, water supply and sewarage.


The first waterpark in Bulgaria - "Aquapolis"was built in Golden Sands in 2003.




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Branch Varna

"Zlatni Piasaci" AD

Golden sands Resort

"Zlatni Piasaci" AD - administrations

Varna - 9007 - Bulgaria

Telephone: +359 52 355184
                 +359 52 355292
Fax:           +359 52 355587
E-mail:         goldensands@goldensands-bg.com


Head Office Sofia

"Zlatni Piasaci" AD

1 Krichim Street, 2nd floor, office 7

Sofia - 1407 - Bulgaria

Phone:   +359 2 9621787

             +359 2 9621773

Fax:       +359 2 9621725

Е-mail:   headoffice@goldensands-bg.com